The Mongols in China

During the reign of Genghis Khan, the Mongols conquered many kingdoms in central Asia.

In less than 100 years, the Mongols created the largest land empire in the history of the world.

Genghis Khan's father, the Mongol chief Yisugei, named his son Temujin. According to folklore, Temujin had a large blood clot in his right hand, which meant he was destined to become a great warrior. In 1206, 40-year-old Temujin successfully took command of the Mongol forces in the Gobi. It is believed that he was inspired to rule because he grew up extremely poor, and his father was murdered by his enemies.

The Mongols invaded other areas after conquering China. Despite a fleet of warships built by the Koreans, the planned Mongol invasion of Japan ended in failure

This colored lithograph was taken from a manuscript that described Marco Polo's journeys. It shows him leaving Venice in 1338.

Steppe is flat, dry grassland.

Terror is violent acts that are meant to cause fear in people.

The Mongol empire was huge, which made overland trade in China prosper.

Mongol soldiers attacked, looted, and burned cities. After long, many people surrendered to them without even fighting.

Genghis Khan was a skilled military leader and ruler.

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