Bike race to the beach By: tori sartin

I went on vacation with the Silver Stars, but also my family because it was for my brother's senior trip. At first it took place in my neighborhood, and a bunch of people and myself were doing a bike race, but the next thing I know I rode my bike all the way to the beach.

I asked one of my friends that was with me to put sunblock on me but he kept joking around and I felt like I was getting even more sunburned. I went and looked in the mirror and my chest, neck, and arms were super sunburned already.

I went and complained to my directors that were there and my friend Macy, who used to be a Silver Star. Then we started talking about how one of our friends had a similar disease to what Maya had, and that she was going to die soon. Someone knocked on the door in my dream, and then I woke up.


Family: Seeing your family in your dream can represent bitterness and jealousy emotions you feel, and I definitely feel like this could apply to me. Since both of my brothers have gone off to college, my parents have spent a lot of their time and attention on them. It's caused me to start having feelings of jealousy, and I have been really trying and applying myself in school this year to make good grades and try to get the focus and attention my parents give to my brothers.

Beach: The beach can represent unknown and major changes in someone's life. I feel like this could be relevant to me because I have worked and tried so hard in school all year, but lately I have been feeling a big lack of motivation. I know everyone says this at some point in the year, but it's very evident in my life right now. I used to stay up all night and always choose homework over sleep, but I can't even remember the last time I finished my homework at home or even did it all by myself.

Bike: To dream that you're riding a bike can mean you need to learn to attain a balance in your life. This could definitely apply to me because I've spent the whole year trying to find a balance in my school life and my social life. At the beginning of the year, I would do homework nonstop during the week and then my weekends were booked full with plans, but because of that I got really sick for two weeks and suffered the consequences of pushing myself too hard. Now though, I've been spending too little time on school work, so I've been trying to find a good balance between school and my social life.

Sunburn: A sunburn in a dream can represent an emotional problem or situation that is no longer avoidable. This could definitely be relevant in my life right now because I haven't been completely honest with the people in my life. I have kept some emotions to myself and haven't told anyone lately, and I would rather not explain them, but lately they've become prevalent in my life and I've had to come to a decision about them.

Dream Meaning

I believe my dream was trying to tell me to make changes and find solutions to problems that I've been dealing with for awhile. I'm not a very responsible person, and when problems or negative things appear in my life, I usually just push them away instead of dealing with them. That is very evident in my life this year, and I feel as though my dream is telling me to take accountability and figure out and deal with my problems. I feel like it's also telling me to make changes to the negative aspects to my life instead of just ignoring them.


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