Speak Grace Erskine

Your voice is powerful. Use it.

"Mth. Mia, I went thwimming thith weekend with my cousinth!"

"This is weally haud."

"Mth. Mia, thith weekend I thaw my couthinth again."

"Can you use your new sound?"

"Mssss. Mia, thisss weekend I sssaw my cousssinsss again."

"I weally want to go on wides at cawowinds this summer."

"Will you say that again, but can you use your new sound?"

"I rrreally want to go on rrrides at carrrowinds this summer."

"On Thaturday, I ssaw a movie. I that in the firtht row."

"What did you do?"

"On Sssaturday, I sssaw a movie. I sssat in the firsssst row."

"Can we run awound the pawk?"

"What do you want to do?

"Can we rrrrun arround the parrk?"

"I am so excited for summer!"

"Red is my favorite color."


Created with images by GAPHIKER - "Active Voice" • Mary Hockenbery (reddirtrose) - "s" • TooFarNorth - "r-" • frontriver - "S" • kzys - "R" • chrisbulle - "S" • TooFarNorth - "r-"

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