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Elizabethan Era town
Bottom Left: Bearbaiting was a form of entertainment that involved releasing dogs to attack a bear // Top: The Globe Theater was a main source of entertainment // Bottom Right: Towns were often crowded and dirty

Thesis: The Elizabethan Era was important because it influenced society, advancements, and religion.

Queen Elizabeth and her subjects


Quote #1: "Shakespeare's London had grown from 120,000 inhabitants in 1550 to 200,000 by 1600. By 1650, London contained 375,000 people" (Lander).

Commentary: The population increased dramatically from 1550 to 1650. This demonstrates that Shakespeare lived in a time of crowding and many people.

Quote #2: "The crowded and unsanitary city often experienced outbreaks of plague that regularly reduced the population" (Lander).

Commentary: The outbreaks of the plague lead to deaths and the population was often reduced. London of Shakespeare's day was dangerous to live in because unclean habits could lead to death by the plague.

Quote #3: "At the age of eighteen, he married Anne Hathaway, who was eight years older than he was" (Anderson 777).

Commentary: Under Queen Elizabeth, it was accepted that people got married at a young age. This is relevant because it shows the lifestyle of the English people within in this time.

Quote #4: "Londoners flocked to public beheadings of traitors, whose heads were exhibited on poles. They also watched as criminals were hanged, and they saw the corpses dangle from the gallows for days. Crowds also flocked to such bloodthirsty sports as bearbaiting and bullbaiting" (Lander).

Commentary: Elizabethans were keen to life and death. They were very fascinated by death and violence which lead them to look at beheadings and hangings. The English of the Elizabethan Era appreciated violence and death and it influenced their daily lives and the things they did.

The Theater


Quote #5: "Shakespeare worked with this company [Lord Chamberlain's Men] for the rest of his writing life. Year after year he provided it with plays, almost on demand" (Anderson 777).

Commentary: One advancement during the Elizabethan Era are the plays. The plays helped the English people speak better English and better understand their own motives and actions.

Quote #6: "The stage was "set" by the language" (Anderson 779).

Commentary: The language of the stage during this time helped the audience understand what was going on. This is important because it allowed thought process which was discouraged at this time.

Quote #7: "Merchants formed a great trading company, the East India Company, in 1600" (Bumgardner).

Commentary: Under Elizabeth, the East India Company was established by merchants. Trade flourished and even opened India and the Far East to English trade which helped benefit England.

Protestant Church in England


Quote #8: "During Elizabeth’s reign, she achieved a religious settlement that established a moderately Protestant Church of England as the country’s national church" (Bumgardner).

Commentary: As the Queen of England, Elizabeth achieved a religious settlement that made the Protestant Church of England the country's national church. Queen Elizabeth clearly cared deeply for religion and it influenced the daily life of English people.

Quote #9: "Many Catholics had gone along to get along, mimicking conformity to the national Church while they continued to harbour Catholic beliefs and contacts" (Lake).

Commentary: Catholics in the Elizabethan Era had to mimic conformity to the Protestant Church of England in order to hold on to their beliefs because if anyone heard it, they may be prosecuted. This is crucial because it shows that religion was an important to the people who lived in the Elizabethan Era.

Quote #10: "For their part, the authorities were armed with new anti-Catholic legislation passed during the 1585 Parliament and they now decided to move against her. In this they were responding both to the obvious tensions within the local Catholic community and to the activism of a minority of that group" (Lake).

Commentary: In this time, religion was of great significance because the 1585 Parliament created an anti-Catholic legislation because of tensions and activism. The Catholics of the Elizabethan Era had to convert from their religion to the Protestant Church of England because of this.

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