Chapter 5


I took pictures of all my friends shoes from different angles with different lighting and different backdrops to add character to each of the shoes.
This is my favorite shot because I like how the shoes looks standing up and how it is a white on blue background, it looks very good.


This was the before shot, the leaves looked more white than green and overall the colors don't seem to work well together.
This is my edited version, I bumped up the contrast in this picture to bring out more of the green from the plants and to make the picture a better piece to look at. I also cropped the top portion where that annoying white light was coming in and taking the beauty away from the nature.
This is the original image of some dead plants growing on a barbwire fence. With the all the colors in the background,taking away the focal point.
This is the edited version, I bumped up the contrast to make the leaves pop and I make only half the photo black and white, I did this because I thought it would look cool to see the split of colors in the shot.

Self Reflecive

This is the art building at school, this has symmetry right down the middle of it, having identical hallways right down each side of it.
This shows the symmetry down the stairs how each stair is exactly the same all the way up.
This shows asymmetry with just a bunch of shapes and colors thrown together, where this is no type of pattern making it the same.
This hand has shoes all around it that show no symmetry through it, so it is asymmetrical.


Rzley: I chose these photos because it has a lot of inspiration and color. It really captures moments all around the world in a very artistic way. The technique that he uses is taking pictures of life around the world. This inspired me because I love the cultural around the world and seeing all these photos inspired me to want to do the same.


My theme was animals so I took pictures of my dogs, Friday and Violet. I tried to take pictures that show that they are happy and cute dogs.
This is my favorite picture because you can see how Violet smiles in the picture and it really represents how she is in real life.

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