SMU Class of Covid: Sammy Waken B.b.A . Accounting, Minor in Health Management, 22

by Will Daughton

When he graduates with a bachelor's in business in administration in accounting and a minor in health management, Sammy Waken wants go into public accounting and apply what he has learned to the healthcare system.

“I got really interested in healthcare in middle school and in high school,” Waken says. “I started doing all that before COVID happened, and now it looks like an even better idea.”

But his involvement at SMU might point more towards a career in event management or politics, rather than accounting.

A Hunt Leadership Scholar from Oklahoma City, Waken has held leadership positions in both Student Foundation and SMU student senate.

Within Student Foundation, Waken has served as a vice president of programming and the director of finance.

In student senate, he has served as a pre-major senator, as well as student body secretary.

Sammy Waken served as Student Body Secretary during his junior year. Credit: Lindsey Carrier

Looking ahead to after graduation, Waken has already guaranteed himself some sense of stability in the job market.

He has a full-time offer from an organization he is interning with, Applewhite and Buys Financial Advisors, once he finishes his master's degree in accounting.

“I think I’ve gotten really lucky with it compared to my roommate and our best friend,” he says. “They’re both still looking. I cannot imagine the stress and anxiety that goes into all that, so I recognize that I’m lucky."