Prosperity to Failure. Boom to bust visual essay

Roaring 20's

1920's roaring prosperity

In this time you really realize how money has an effect on people, the great depression changed people's lives for the negative, people were just getting used to the roaring 20s endless prosperity.

Economy was high so pay was too

Peoples lives were at their highest with high economy and roaring prosperity. People believed it wold last forever, so they lived their life's in the 20's as there was no tomorrow.

Housewife with modern luxary appliances

In the time where women were not treated as caretakers where they had a say in their life. Many became flappers and showed off their new lifestyle in the 20's.

People drinking it up in speakeasy's, illegal drinking clubs

During this time the problem was weather you could drink or not, because of prohibition and the ban of alcohol sales and marketing peoples late hours were spent in speakeasy's where they would illegally drink alcohol. This was another form of recreation in the 20's.

groups gathered together

People had new sources of groups in the 20's leaving them with their own departed group. This made Africans and their society private way from the whites pausing any racial tensions.

Every race was in their prime

Africans lived their lives in the 20's as they perused there talents and got recognized for it. Musicians like Louis Armstrong was allowed to play in white clubs and bars because in this time race wasn't as bad of an issue.

The Great Depression awaits

Then it all happend.........

The time following the roaring twenties was a tragic time for most known as the great depression. The horrific events that came with the depression are simply devastating. People commit suicide, sold their children, belongings and homes all for money. The Great depression impacted American people by changing their life permanently.

People rioted around banks to withdraw their saveings

Because of the stock market crash, and the people's loss of savings they went ballistic. In this time you really realize how money has an effect on people, the great depression changed people's lives for the negative, people were just getting used to the roaring 20s endless prosperity. They had no idea what was coming until little by little people began to withdraw their savings from the banks leaving the banks with nothing to return savings.

People had no money so the stores had no buisness

With no work people have nothing to do but to find work but there wasn't anything because there were no consumers, nobody bought anything because there were no jobs in the company putting everybody out of business.

Peoples Struggles during the depression

People sold things they knew people needed to survive, food.

Life in the 30s was like dominoes once you hit one all escalated down words in a negative way, just took a toll on many people across the world. The Great Depression affected everybody it might not of affected some people as it is of the others but it affected everyone.

People sold their furniture and belongings if it meant they would receive money ,anything would do.
This meant selling valuable items for dirt cheap
Even if it meant family

How the Depression Effected Americans

But when they realized they couldn't get money and their lifesaving's were gone,many ended their lives.

With no money in the banks people believed their lives were worthless and because they couldn't posses money they committed suicide.

America was on the edge

President Hoover was not much help anyway, hiding away in the White House letting the people suffer. Until President Roosevelt was elected, the people finally had hope.

People were living in run down scraps put together with poles and sticks

Hoover left many of the people living in hovervilles, in the 30's where they had no running water or electricity and they lived as pigs.

These areas were called "hoovervilles"
On the other hand farmers were still suffering a surplus sinse the 20's, it was only getting worse.

Farming had only gotten worse ever sinse the 20's were farmers had to burn their crops and repurchase to stop the surplus causing them to loose economy.

On the Agricultural side ...

Dust storms had effected the agricultural land outside of the city's, killing animals and people.

Like the surpluses wernt enough in the fields dust storms were taking people and animals down one by one killing many with the dusty era known as the dust bowl.

These storms know as the dust bowl of the 1930's
Back in the city's jobless men were not wanted by many.

This was the beginning of a new presidency. Unfortunately Roosevelt was inaugurated right in the worst part of the depression. He had to figure out away to comfort everybody.

During this time america couldn't even take care of its own people so the gov tricked the Mexicans into going back to their country and leaving them there.

Mexicans were tricked by the gov when told to take trip back to their country where they deported them and left them because U.S couldn't even take care of its own people.

Panic struck

This leaving women alone and panicking during this time of grief.

Single women were in panic because they were all alone with their children during this time leaving them stressed to take care of their children.

Also caused racial controverse

In this time of panic people went back to their old ways by lynching blacks without a care to relive themselves.

How people escaped relatity

People tried to getaway from reality.

Then he established the fireside chats, everybody in the time had a radio making it easy and accessible to talk and listen, families would gather around to listen to Roosevelt's calm understandable conversations with people.

By going to the movies and enjoying themselves for the short period of time they had away from their troubles.

This gave the people hope someone to believe it .Once Roosevelt had the people on his side he put his plans to action by starting off with a bank holiday. This was a time for the banks to close for several days, filling them back off with money.

Everyones favorite actress during the hard times.

Roosevelt got the people to trust him.The people clearly trusted him by listening when he said put in your savings to the bank. He promised there could never be as bad of an incident and lose the savings again, they were protected.This cleared up a lot of problems during this time, great depression was handled well by Roosevelt. But in the end WW2 ended the great depression.

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