James Karales

Identify where the artist from? Grew up? Time period?

James Karales, photographer born on July 15, 1930, was well known for his work with Look magazine photographing the civil rights movements. He was born in New York giving him more of a chance with big magazine companies. He got to work on photographing Dr. King and his family. Karales wanted to be an electrical engineer, that what he majored in in collage, but after seeing his roommate do photography he decided to switch his major so he could also do photography. He became a dark room assistant for Eugene Smith to learn even more about photography. Eventually he went on to make his own prints, photographing the life of working citizens.

Define what happened in their life that was significant? Memorable? An event that stands out?

James Karales was born and lived during the civil rights movements. He was even hired by a magazine to photograph some of the movements. All of the intense events that happened during the time of the civil rights movements make James Karales' photos deeper and have more meaning. If he wasn't hired by a magazine his work wouldn't have been as well known, but it would have to same meaning and it would be just as impactful as it is today. His work was able to make people think about the events that were happening during this rough time period.

Explain the overall meaning of their artwork?

The overall meaning of Karales' work is to bring awareness to the struggles during the civil rights movements. Many people's lives were ruined because of the way they were treated by other people. James Karales' photos capture this while making you feel for these people and how hard their life was.

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