Europe and North America


  • Parliamentary Democracy
  • Unlike the US, they have a House of Parliament
  • Frank-Walter Steinmeier- (President) not much political power
  • Angela Merkel- (Chancellor) has more political power than president


Study showed- population decrease

  • lost 1.5 million inhabitants
  • Expected to lose 66 million by 2060.

2017- passed burka ban

  • banned burqas and niqabs in certain professions
  • some claim ban helps with integration.
  • ban also allows authorities to check women’s identities in elections


  • Constitutional Monarchy
  • Justin Trudeau- (Prime Minister) lots of power in the Canadian Government
  • House of Commons- 308 elected members
  • Senate- 105 members- picked by Prime Minister


  • Canada Australia Public Policy Initiative (CAPPI)- created by prime ministers Harper and Howard
  • public policy discussions between the two countries


  • Taken in more than 40,000 Syrian refugees
  • Help them build a life in Canada

Human Smuggling

  • Many cases of people trying to smuggle humans across the border


  • Parliamentary Republic
  • President- Prokopis Pavlopoulos
  • Prime Minister- Alexis Tsipras
  • other Heads of certain fields


Debt Crisis

  • three bailouts for a total of $352 billion
  • Prime Minister- choice to abandon the euro or watch the Greek economy collapse.
  • Kept the euro and having a slow climb back to economic positivity rather than trying to change and become even worse.


  • Democratic/Parliamentary System
  • The middle party is the Democratic Movement
  • François Hollande- President
  • Bernard Cazeneuve- Prime Minister

2017 Presidential Election

  • Macron VS Le Pen- second round of voting
  • Macron won
  • Macron- centrist
  • Le Pen- right-wing


  • Macron: believes France has been unfairly treating the muslims
  • wants to stay in the European Union
  • used to be a socialist but is running as a centralist
  • Le Pen: believes in anti-immigration ideas and has shown a want in leaving the European Union
  • two advisors were taken into custody for spreading hatred against Muslims
  • wants to keep government intervention in the agriculture business, but to make that the right kind


  • Theresa May- Prime Minister
  • head of the government


  • Great Britain leaving the European Union (EU)
  • The economy if the EU is dysfunctional and has a lot of unemployment
  • Britain wants to be its own country
  • Britain wanted to break the long line of reckless, selfish leaders and leave the EU

United States

  • Constitutional Republic
  • House of Representatives- 435 members
  • Senate- 100 members (2 from every state)

Presidential Requirements:

  • At least 35 years old
  • US citizen for at least 14 years
  • Natural born US citizen

United States

  • Marshall Plan- US offered an aid package to Europe
  • Meant to help rebuild countries after WWII

North Korea

  • threatened to launch nukes and military strikes


  • Terrorist group who have killed hundreds
  • U.S. launced “mother of all bombs” on ISIS territory

Al Qaeda

  • Terrorist group responsible for 9/11

United States


  • Banned Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen refugees along with all Syrian refugees
  • Proposed wall on the U.S.-Mexico border

Presidential Election

  • Hillary Clinton v.s. Donald Trump

Stock market crash of 2008

  • Congress rejected bank bailout bill
  • Dow Jones Average crashed about 777 points- largest drop recorded in history

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