St. Moses the Black By: Sebastian Tomaselli

St. Moses the Black, who lived from 330 to 405 AD, was a bandit in ancient Egypt who regularly murdered and robbed people and led a band of brigands. He once swam across a river with a knife in his teeth specifically to kill some guy who had previously annoyed him. However, after a while, he was being chased by authorities and proceeded to hide in a monastery, become a monk, and live a nonviolent life until the monastery was attacked, when he knocked out like three guys with his bare hands.

He is the patron saint of nonviolence, despite his murderous lifestyle. He is also the patron saint of Africa.

The feast of St. Mo is August 28.

My Prayer: Oh Saint Moses the Black, who robbed and murdered with impunity, only to become a peace loving monk, help me, through God, to repent and turn from my sinful ways so that I can be holy, like you. AMEN


I have neither given nor received any unauthorized help on this work.

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