Protecting the Innocents, We Love A Suitable Treatment For Parental Hoarding

Because of hoarding, the child is trying to warm himself up in a very harmful way.
The way the child is hiding behind the door is tragic. He should not have to be ashamed of where he lives.

This house is a small view of a hoarding house; it is over packed and about to break.

This image is showing how the mind of an individual who has been around hoarding.

This girl is obviously very upset with all the clothes that is in front of her, it is shown through her facial expressions and her actions.

The second picture shows a small child in fear; that is how the children of hoarding parents will feel if they are not removed from the home.

Hoarding has a greater effect on children than many know. Let us come together to help the children now before it is too late.

This video shows how even young children are affected by hoarding. Look at how the young boy cries at the end because he has a clean room just for himself.

Additionally, the video talks about how the child felt ashamed to bring friends over to his house because he had "too many piles of stuff" around him.

As the child continues to grow up with a hoarding parent, they will feel as if that is all they will ever be, full of all the things their parent has decided to keep.
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Briana Morales

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