Weekly Digital Update Week of January 23rd

New Year, Fresh Start

Well congrats, we have made it past Blue Monday, and just about all of January. Between the large turnout at the Women's March, scandal around alternative facts, and executive orders involving walls, 2017 has been nothing short of exciting, especially for our friends south of the border.

Didn't you miss us hitting your inbox every Friday to spread good news?

All kidding aside, the New Year is a great time to start fresh and start planning what the year will hold. The last time we spoke, we were highlighting 2016. This is our first newsletter of 2017, so let's cover off what's to come within our walls and the industry so you are well-armed for the remainder of the year ahead.

New Year, Same Issues

From politics to advertising, there are some things that probably won't change in 2017, and some issues that will keep popping up.

Thankfully for us in advertising, our friends at the CMDC (Canadian Media Directors Council), have released their 2016-2017 Media Digest, which touches trends & issues, Canadian consumer insights, and information on the wide array of media channels.

Here is the full read. All 178 pages. Too much commitment? Okay, here is one to check out: Tom Fotheringham's list of digital issues he thinks will keep teams busy in 2017 (pst, you can find it on page 61).

Who is Tom?

Tom is the General Manager – Canada, Omnicom Media Group Programmatic (aka Accuen)

What does he think will continue in 2017?

  1. Programmatic will shift to the core of all digital buying. This mostly has to do with the fact that it leverages data and the buying process process is simplified.
  2. Access to quality inventory. Via price and placement commitments, and transacting through data-driven decisions, advertisers don't as heavily rely on publishers own data and technology, and now have access to higher quality inventory than ever before.
  3. The rise of the walled gardens. AKA Goole, Facebook, Amazon, and Verizon/AOL. These 4 big players have a huge user base, and they all have their own data and inventory that can only be accessed through their platforms. Expect this to keep growing in 2017.
  4. Enhancing the user experience. Canadians use ad blockers. They don't hate ads - they hate being interrupted. Therefore, having ads that are relevant, non-invasive, and contribute to the online experience, will be good for publishers and users alike.
  5. From big media to better media. Programmatic has had an influence on other types of media, and although it is still new, data-driven decisions and automation are going to be buying norms across industries - not just digital media.

Want more detail? Check out page 67 of the CMDC presentation.

Big Plans for 2017?

How about running for Prime Minister? Well, Kevin O'Leary is trying to be the next Conservative leader so stay tuned to see how that unfolds.

By now you have probably (hopefully) made a plan for 2017. An account plan that is. A few weeks ago, we went through the different areas your account plan should cover off and what to include.

Even if you have finished them and clicked send, as we go into 2017 here are important things to remember:

  • Lean on the research team! They can pull comScore reports to where your clients were playing in 2016 and whether it was up or down from the year prior.
  • Take a look at annual reports. What challenges do they think they will see in 2017? Where are the opportunities for their business?
  • Big investments in 2016: what were they and are they going to be repeated in 2017 or was it a one-off?
  • And remember, advertising dollars exist beyond the AOR. Don't forget about the PR agency, digital agency, and even client direct.

No Alternative Facts Here

Remember a few Fridays ago we invited you guys (and a few other peeps) to the AdPad to experience our SMM Value Proposition Roadshow? Here is the newsletter if you need a refresh.

Did you love some of the great facts we highlighted at the digital station? Well, here are some new numbers that comScore just released. Don't worry, the research team took a look at them, so they are definitely "facts".

  • In Ontario we reach 31% of the digital population with thestar.com.
  • 1.6 million are consuming content on desktop and 2.4 million via a mobile device. The largest reach of any newspaper site.
  • The Globe and Mail and Postmedia Newspapers each have a reach of 30%.
  • 1.5 million are consuming Globe and Mail content on desktop and 2.3 million via mobile.
  • Postmedia Newspapers are evenly split of 1.8 million desktop, 1.8 million mobile

Now that is a great way to kick off the 2017 weekly updates.

Let's wrap up this week with a read from Digiday. Check out how four retailers hurt by tech are now embracing digital.

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