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Mission Statement

The main purpose of Quora is to produce and reduce the amount of energy we use and replace it with sustainable energy and to make our biological foot-print nearly microscopic. Also to create Jobs and make new industries for the world of everyday advancing technology.

Our Seal

A Symbol using representation of the solutions of energy and renewable material.

Community Rules

Quora has a few simple rules that if followed correctly will keep you healthy and safe. The following rules will be listed below.

1. Study all or interested subjects of education everyday.

2. Create healthy and nutritious meals for young adults and children.

3. Every advancement in age will be on unique birthdays and unique names created by parents. Children of parents should provide proper clothing for children. Also activities will be scheduled by age.

4. Laws such as Murder, Stealing, Black Mail, and others that inflict cruel and unusual punishment are highly prohibited.

5. Every Student or Adult must attend educational activities, or occupation for the required amounts of day.

6. At a certain age off-springs should study any interest or profession.

7. Transportation that is powered by electricity and Bio-Fuel are only allowed to the age 16 and up. Only people with proper training can drive such a vehicle.

8. Citizens have the option to attend religious activities if desired.

9. No rude language towards other people.

10. Parents must control off-springs by certain age and behavior.


Quora is located in California. Specifically Los Angeles. The Area gets lots of storms and the large bodies of water will provide water-turbines to produce energy such as electricity. The Area also gets plenty of storms so pollution will be washed out every few weeks.


1. Wake up

2. Educational Activities (School)

3. Lunch

4. Educational Activities (School)

5. Homework

6. Free Time (Optional)

7. Dinner Time

8. Family Time

9. Bed Time (Depends on age)


The Way the community will be run is by a Democracy. The President of the Democracy will be Mitt Romney. Also the one responsible for leading the way the industry of saving resources and clean energy production will be Manoj Bhargava. The Reason he will be over seeing that is because he and his company have been trying there hardest to make ways to make a healthy life and making renewable energy as one.

The reason why someone like yourself should join the community of Quora is because the community is designed to outlaw problems in the other communities that someone is normally surrounded by. We assure we can provide all your necessary needs and make you and your loved ones live a happy, safe, live-ful, successful life.

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