The World according To Shrihan Y.


Globalization-Making the world stronger or weaker?

Globalization is definitely helping the world. Globalization created free trade, brings countries who trade with each together and makes them less likely to go to war, and gives job opportunities to poorer countries. Globalization creates free trade, which is the flow of goods without the government’s control. Tariffs are a tax on goods imported from a different country. Because of globalization, we created an organization called the World Trade Organization (WTO). The WTO works to reduce tariffs so people can buy goods from a different country for a lower price. Globalization also helps countries bond together. Countries who trade with each other want to maintain a good relationship so they don't lose the opportunity to gain a different countries goods. This means that they are less likely to start a conflict and go to war. Globalization also gives job opportunities to people in poorer countries. A company might move to a poorer country because the people who live there would work for a minimum wage. All the people will then get jobs and get enough money to support their family, and the company will not lose as much money to pay their workers. Globalization is definitely making the world stronger.

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Mount Everest: Is it worth the risk or not?

Climbing Mount Everest is totally not worth it. It costs too much money, it's a grueling journey that tests your physical ability, and you may die. Average costs for all the supplies and permits are around 65 thousand dollars, though some prices can go up to 100 thousand dollars. Not only that, but you have to make a 4 thousand dollar deposit. If you litter on Mount Everest, you will lose that money, if you don't litter, you will get your money back. Another reason why it's not worth the risk is because you need to train a lot and the climb tests your physical abilities. You need months of training if you want to climb it, and I don't think I want to do that. The trail up to the summit takes a lot of strength ano I don't think I have enough of that. That's not the end of it, while climbing, the backpack carrying all your supplies can weigh up to 18 pounds. Even though the chances of dying are 10 percent, I don't want to take my chances, and I don't want my dead body to forever remain on the mountain where I failed to survive. I would never want to climb Mount Everest.

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Q & A

How might having a valuable resource affect a region?

Having a valuable resource, such as crude oil, will affect a region by giving it a higher per capita GDP, or gross domestic product, and by giving its citizens more money, they will have a higher life expectancy. Having crude oil will give the country a better economy. Since most of the oil comes from the southwest region, every other country will want to buy lots of oil from that country, which means the country will get lots and lots of money. This is important because the more money people have, the better life the can have. Having more money and resources can give the people a better lifestyle. They will be able to afford medical treatment and food, clothing, and education for their families. This is important because this means that more babies will grow to adulthood and have a good job. Having such a valuable resource will give the citizens a great life. The problem with oil is that it is a nonrenewable resource , which means it will eventually run out. When that happens, the southwest region’s economy will become chaos. But while there is still oil, the people in southwest Asia will have a great economy.

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How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

People in the marginal farming lands use shifting agriculture, which means that they change what they grow in a specific spot throughout the year. A group called the Tuaregs wear loose clothing. Loose clothing allows air to flow throughout the body and keeps them cool. People in the marginal farming lands(ok for farming) use shifting agriculture, which means that they change what they grow in a specific spot throughout the year. This is important because shifting agriculture slows down the expansion of the desert, which is called desertification. Desertification causes droughts and destroys farming land. Unfortunately, people plant cash crops, which speeds the process up. People have been living here for many years and have made these adaptations, and thanks to new technology, they can live there for much longer.

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What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

There are many centripetal forces working for the supranational cooperation amongst nations. One force that works for the cooperation is the same common currency, the Euro. Having the same currency is beneficial for a person crossing political borders in the EU because the travelers don't have to go through a big operation to exchange their money. Another advantage of being in the EU are that there are no tariffs on traveling goods. Tariffs are taxes that are put on goods when they cross borders. In the EU, where there are no tariffs, everyone can sell or trade without any hassle. There are many other centripetal forces, some better than others, but they will all keep Europe united for a long time.

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What do you think is the most effective style of government and why?

The most effective style of government is representative democracy, which is a limited government. This way, everyone gets a say in what they want. Having a say in the government is important because if the citizens don't like the government, then they can just leave the society. In representative democracy, citizens get to chose their leader and a representative they think will make decisions in favor of them. Having representative democracy means that all the power doesn't go to one person. If it does, the government becomes a dictatorship, and the citizens will be forced to do anything the leader says. Having a say in government will make an effective, which is why representative democracy is the best!

Voting gives people a say in the government.


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