The Trestle Loft 2020 add-ons

You’ve secured your time at The Trestle Loft and think you may want some add-on rental items such as lighting gear, props, etc?

Great! This is the fee schedule for the add-ons we currently offer. Please arrange use of these items prior to your use of The Trestle Loft.

Look book of all add-ons coming soon!

Your Creative Fee includes a Studio Host who will be on hand to facilitate your use of The Trestle Loft, any rented add-ons, and will remain unobtrusively onsite for any other needs.


Lighting Package $100 - Includes Godox + trigger (1), Alien Bees, 400w, 800w, Pocket Wizards (3), 84” PLM white w/removable black cover, Paul C Buff beauty dish, V flats black/white (Accordion 4’x8’ (2) and 4'x8' (1), Reflector 5-in-1

Newborn Closet Package $300 - Includes access to full closet which houses a wide selection of Newborn Wraps and Layering Fabrics, Hats, Headbands, and Headgear, Posing Fabric, Flokatis, Baskets, Buckets, Vessels, Posing Table and Posing Beans. **Dry cleaning fee may apply.**

Maternity Gowns $125 - Includes access to 20+ gowns with full range of sizes, styles and a rainbow of colors. Brand names include Sew Trendy, Chicaboo, Mi Estilo, etc. **Dry cleaning fee may apply**

Seamless Paper $50 - A variety of colors available in 104" and 53" length.

Poly-Paper Backgrounds $50 - Designs vary and include barnwood, floral, textured, etc. Large 76”x60” sizes for most.

Basic Gear $25 - Backdrop stand, Light stands, and Clamps.

Images of all available on request.


The base rate includes access to our loft space and basic furniture such as a bed with white coverlet, stools, and other large furniture that changes quarterly.


Please let us know how we can better serve you by sending us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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