streets that speak The beauty of the streets

Even in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, this dog manages to sleep peacefully.
How often do we put others needs first before ours? how often do we help others without thinking of ourselves first? but this is exactly what this lady in pink did even though she was elderly and needed help she decided to help her friend.
It's funny how we work everyday to make our lives better but do we actually sit down for a moment and just think of truly living life as it is. Here I captured a contrast one man is working whereas the other man is staying in the moment. Two different perspectives.
Sometimes we often take our childhood for granted and wait to grow big, but we usually forget those were the best days of our life. A boy standing in all his innocence.
A coconut vendor looking towards his stock thinking to himself if today is going to be a good or a bad for business. Thinking whether he will be able to manage making enough money. Just for today.
A man on the road reading a newspaper. Look at the irony of life a man who probably doesn't have much to look forward to still strives to know the affairs of the world.
Two men making flowers and the calm on their face shows that this is probably what they like doing.
The simplicity and joy of people just going about their everyday routine, doing their everyday jobs but still finding time to talk, to smile.
A fisherman teaching his son how to clean fish. This capture clearly shows the simple bond between a father and a son.
A little boy hides his face against his mother's sari as I tried to photograph him but as I thought of clicking another picture this showed me that a child completely trust his mother to protect him if it's from or life or from someone clicking a picture. It shows the special relation between mother and child.
A man patiently waits for his shoes as the cobbler is reparing it. Patience a quality probably very few have.
Two men look on as I click their picture.
Work is one thing we all have to do but how much and how hard is all up to us. A man working .
The newspaper's usually tell us what to think and frame our opinions but just look at the variety newspaper's have even to frame our opinion.
A man taking his daily break as he is taking a packet of tea in one hand and cups in his other hand.


( chimbai street, bandra )

The streets of Mumbai are filled with various colors and emotions of everyday life. For a normal person living in this city it might be just another ordinary street or road which we walk through day in and day out not really stopping to observe the finer details that we can actually see if we make an effort to look closely. Every emotion, every struggle, every joy, every sorrow and even anxiety, every person who has a story to tell of which we know anything about. Yes! We can find these emotions on our streets. According to me the life on the streets shows people in their simple and normal way of living with nothing to boast about or to brag about. When we look at these streets we can find so much beauty packed in small places, beauty within people.

I have tried to document this beauty through my camera to show you these emotions, struggles, happiness, sorrow’s and the simplicity that the street contains. I have tried to capture the various faces of the streets and not just stick to one main central concept because my aim is to give the viewer an all round feel of the streets. The street that I have chosen is called Chimbai village street and it is located in the beautiful surburb of Bandra. I thought of taking this street because it is one of the oldest and big streets at least in Bandra. Bandra was originally made up of 7 villages out of which chimbai street was a village by itself. It is mostly home to the fisher folks ( fisher man and women) in Bandra also better knows as the “kholis” as they are called around the area by others. These Kholi’s are usually considered as the original inhabitants of bandra.

The beauty of this street is that it is located just behind the sea and though it is mostly the Maharashtrian community that lives here the street has a cross statue right in the middle which gets joined to another street. Although the other areas of bandra are artsy and beautiful with graphiti splashed walls everywhere. I thought of documenting the simplicity of this street which was my main idea. This street might not attract a lot of attention from tourists or visitors or even some locals and it may look slightly uncared and unappealing than the rest of the streets that one might usually see here in Bandra but the “BEAUTY IN LITTLE THINGS” is what this street offers. I have tried my best to capture the emotions of people on the streets, their lives and I have captured emotions like joy, sadness, shyness and confusion. I mainly tried focusing on the simple everyday routines of people on the street.

I hope through this assignment I am able to put across a strong portrayal of the stories of the people living on the streets and show the audience a wider view into looking at the streets from a different perspective so that the next time someone walks down the streets they not just walk down passively but look into different perspectives.



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