Elementary School Teachers Crystal Mason, Ed Diaz


The Rookie

Fresh out of college, Emily still feels like a student herself. She is ultra-connected and uses internet as a teaching tool but also as support for those days where nothing goes as planned. Parents don't treat her the same way they treat other teachers and she has a hard time imposing herself as an competent instructor in their eyes. She bites off more than she can chew and can be a little bit too ambitious.
She is mostly active on weekends between lesson planning and grading. Most likely single or newly married, she's spent the past 5 years focusing on her upcoming career. She enjoys reality TV and Netflix. As a buyer, she looking for the latest technologies and what's trendy. She is a little more impulsive than the other group. Pinterest is her go-to place for classroom decor ideas, games, fun lesson ideas, etc.

The Pillar

Allison has been a teacher for the past 10 years and feels comfortable with her skills as an instructor at this point. She has routine lesson plans that she uses every year. She freshens them up every couple of years to keep up with the latest teaching tools.
Most likely married with children of her own. In her free time she enjoys going out with other couples and going on double dates at Ruby Tuesday. As a buyer, she is looking for value. She loves coupons, promotions, sales, etc. and wants to get the most bang for her buck.

The Veteran

Judy has been teaching for about 20 years, she is a little more traditional and doesn't switch her methods very often, if ever. She tends to be a little harsh on kids at times, but she only does it to motivate them and obtain good tests results.
Judy is married with children of her own. Probably 3 of them and a dog. She likes to keep up with current events and stay connected with her friends on the Facebook. Her husband John most definitely does not wear the pants in the relationship and simply goes with the flow. Judy enjoys grabbing lunch with her friends and gossiping about the neighbors. As a buyer, she is looking for quality, even if that means spending a little bit more.


Sarah is more stressed than your average elementary school teacher. She has larger classes and fewer resources. She is gifted in teaching kids with low socioeconomic status; A skill that does not come naturally to many teachers. Sarah is extremely patient, forgiving, and wants to make a difference in her students' lives.
By the time the weekend comes, Sarah is drained by her work week but finds what she does very rewarding. Even when she's not at school, she worries about her students and does not hesitate to get involved in their personal lives if needed. She does not hesitate to put in the extra hours. Involved in the community, she volunteers at soup kitchens, food drives, etc. Sarah is very passionate about social issues.


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