Animals Need Help By Ivan Martinez


As I walk with the herd,I feel alive, I feel happy, having my mom by my side, it was any ordinary day, the sun shining and the birds chirping, little did we now chaos would come, loud noise where heard, many animals ran, in the chaos I lose my mom, she was gone, she had fled, she was my only hope, the noise become louder, and louder, I can't move any more, I drop down and lay down, blood is all I can see, humans start to approach me, only to see me die in pain, as the light I once saw begins to fade, darkness starts to consume me, as I gaze down from the heavens at my body, only to be used for my hooves, time pass by my body, slowly decades, as I wonder was I only alive for my hooves to be taken away,

Dear diary, to day is march 10, 2016, I saw lots of animals many of them happy and with their families they all appreciated being together and live in harmony. Every voyage to the Savannah we see many animals going extinct just like the elephant have been used only for their hooves. Today we saw an elephant he was already dead we cannot help him anymore. He was injured and looked like someone was beating him to make him unconscious and to take his hooves and left him there to die. It is sad as there is not a lot of help for these animals that's why I requested every day for the help to bring back the elephants from potential extinction.


Created with images by Greenwich Photography - "Nelly" • Jon Mountjoy - "Elephants" • Sponchia - "elephant ivory animals" • Sponchia - "elephant baby elephant animal"

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