The Titanic Mckenzie broadwater

On one late night on April 14th 1912 at 11:40 in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, there was a ship called the Titanic or the unsinkable ship and the Titanic was a big massive ship. The Titanic hit an iceberg and scraped along the side of the Titanic. The was going 20.5 knots. The ship was slowly sinking, and everyone started to panic.

The Robertson family was going on a family holiday on the Titanic. It was a family of 5, The mum was named Holly, The dad was named George , The oldest girl was named Anna, The youngest girl was named Abigail, and the middle boy named, Alexander The first thing the Robertson was eating lunch because they were super hungry. The mum, Mrs. Holly turned on the cooker and made maize salad. That is what the Robertson loved the best.


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