Monument men:Vivian

The Monument men were a group of men and women that have vollinteered to help uncover where Hitler had hid the art. During World War II, Nazi Germany carried out the greatest art theft in history. There were 345 men and women from 13 countries, the “Monuments Men” scoured European countries for looted art and artifacts, both during and after the war.

People are still trying to uncover art to this day. This continued to 1951 which by then they had already rescued five million peices of art. This has been on for nearly 70 years and art is still not found. They had found 1500 peices of art in only Southern Germany.

Soon the Monument men were told to go and protect Churches Museums and artifacts that could be stolen or damaged in between the war that was going on.

These are some of the pictures tooken of the people that helped the foundation.

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