Hummingbird tutorial

What you'll need: scrap clay, white clay, red clay, and green clay (here I used tropical green covered with a thin darker green sheet of clay)
Black wire and the usual tools. I also used a little Bake and Bond, liquid clay is ok too
First I cut 2 little snakes of scrap
Made balls and then a teardrop shape
easy shape, no?
Then I made little snakes of clay colors and cut them
I begin applying the little "feathers" using the green clay, all around the hummer
Then I added white
Then red
Then green again
I lightly rolled my hummer to smooth the feathers
Put a wire through it and covered with feathers
I cut a little black wire
I put a little bake and bond on the wire and inserted it into the hummingbird
Then I made two little teardrops of white
That I flattened
Put them close to the beak
2 tiny balls of black
and 2 even tinier balls of white to make the eyes more life like :)
Then I cut the wire to make the wings
a smaller one for the tail
I cut the bigger green feathers
With the needle tool, I made like marks on both sides of each feather
put the feathers on the tail wire
just adding one for hiding the wire on the back side
doing the same for the wings
Just adding tiny feathers and doing the same on each side
Here is it
Hope you like it!
Created By
Frédérique Pittet

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