Professor Aoife Lowery Consultant Breast & Endocrine Surgeon in Galway University Hospital and a Principle Investigator in the Lambe Institute for Translational Research

Professor Aoife Lowery dual trained as a clinician and scientist on the Molecular Medicine Ireland Clinician Scientist Fellowship programme. She has contributed extensively to the field of cancer research, with 95 peer reviewed publications and >4000 citations.

Her research portfolio includes cancer genetics, biomarker discovery and a focus on how emerging biological information integrates with evolving surgical/locoregional cancer management.

My research is patient-centred and I particularly value interdisciplinary collaboration with scientists and bio-engineers to identify novel solutions to challenges identified when treating patients.

Currently she is working with Prof Martin O’Halloran’s group on minimally invasive approaches to tumour ablation as part of the SFI AI for Societal Good Challenge, and with Prof Garry Duffy and Dr Eimear Dolan on novel regenerative approaches to breast reconstruction. This project aims to combine stem cells from a patients' own fat tissue with a biomaterial to support the regeneration of fatty tissue which can be used to fill the void or defect caused by cancer surgery, and will improve an important survivorship issue for women living after breast cancer.

Aoife is also actively engaged in surgical education, research training and mentorship as Year 5 Head in the School of Medicine NUI Galway and an Associate Director of the HRB-Wellcome Trust funded Irish Clinical Academic Training (ICAT) programme.