Tour of the Harn by nicholas Denfeld

The Harn Museum exposed me to something I'm usually not that attentive to which is art. In my tour of the Harn, I was able to appreciate the art, the design of the museum along with opening my eyes to arts relation with my core values and its relation to the good life. This is my story about when I explored the Harn museum.

Medium of the Art: This is me standing in front of an African Head piece.

When I saw this piece of African artwork, I was first drawn to how it is clearly handmade. I was able to see how the artist stroked the blade across the piece of wood via observing each nook and cranny on the head. In addition, I could also see how the artist used fire to color the wood. The individual burn marks were visible to the point where I could envision the artist brushing the fire along the wooden masterpiece. It was beautiful. It communicated to me that you really don't need a canvas and paint or clay to create art. You could just used a piece of wood, a knife, and some fire to make something this amazing. I felt appreciative of those who love creating art to the extent that they will use anything available to them to express themselves through their own medium of Art.

Design of the museum: This is me standing in an immersive art piece that puts you in an African tribal dance.

This piece was appealing to me because it immersed me in an art-form that was completely foreign to me. By inputting a mirror into the video of the dance, the design of the museum allowed me to feel like I was a part of the dance. The use of space allowed me to move freely and even dance along as I watched the dance take place right in front of my eyes. The exhibit made me feel like I was a part of something I've never experienced and allowed me to also express myself through dance if I wanted. This was definitely the funnest part of my day and put a smile on my face.

Art and core values: This is me standing in front of a painting of a river in Florida.

When I saw this painting, the first thing I thought of was how important family is to me. For others, this might seem weird but it really resonates with me on a personal level. My aunt lives on a river in High springs, Florida that looks exactly like this and made me think about all the Thanksgivings and Christmases that I've spent in a house on a river like this. It really made me understand how important family is to me and my success in my life because as soon as I saw this painting, I thought of my aunt Connie. I felt so much more appreciative of my family when I saw this because at the time I'm in college and I don't see them as often as I'd like. I love my family so much because they have done so much for me throughout my life and this painting really helped me think about that more.

Art and the good life: This is me standing in front of a political cartoon where the congressmen are sleeping and not paying attention.

This painting really resonated with me because of its aim to point out the injustices we have faced and continue to face throughout life. I felt that it really represented the theme of fighting for the good life. Constantly today and in previous times there has been inequality and injustice and with that comes people fighting for justice and equality. This fighting, however, is not necessarily physical and takes many forms. This painting evoked thoughts of people who are trying to make political changes being held up by political representatives who are selfish and have no regard for the people they are supposed to be representing. I believe this has caused people to out-lash in protest as a means to communicate to their representatives that they need change to help them achieve their good life. This fight is continuing still today with movements like black lives matter and this painting helps me appreciate why some people and organizations have to go to the extreme to fight for their good life as it is controlled by politicians who don't care about the people they are meant to serve.

The End


photo 1: this is me standing in front of the Harn museum of art.

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