henrietta lacks By:Mack hendrix

Henrietta Lacks Was Born August 1, 1920. She developed cervical cancer. She went to the hospital and without her knowing, doctors took Henrietta's Cells for research. The doctors who took her cells learned that her cells grew very rapidly. They never helped Henrietta and they never paid for her treatment in exchange of her cells. They named her cells, "HeLa Cells". Henrietta later died of cervical cancer on October 4, 1951 at age 31.

Henrietta And David Lacks(Henrietta's Husband)
  • Henrietta was born on August 1st, 1920 in Roanoke, Washington.
  • In 1951, George Gey cultured the first immortal human cell line with the cells from Henrietta's cervix.Her cells were named HeLa cells. Later that year, Henrietta died of cervical cancer.
  • In 1952, people from around the world shipped HeLa through postal mail. It was a faster and more efficient way to transport HeLa cells.
  • In 1965 HeLa cells were fused with mouse cells to make the first human-animal hybrid cells ever created.
  • In 1966, Stanley Gartler said that HeLa cells have contaminated a lot of cell lines.
HeLa Cells

"Tommy lived in what everyone called the home-houseā€”a four-room log cabin that once served as slave quarters, with plank floors, gas lanterns, and water Henrietta hauled up a long hill from the creek [...]. The air inside stayed so cool that when relatives died, the family kept their corpses in the front hallway for days so people could visit and pay respects. Then they buried them in the cemetery out back."

I liked how they were really close to one another, But I thought it was weird how they kept a deceased family member in their house for days instead of just burring them. This little part of the story made the family seem very coherent even a bad times. They even buried their own family in the backyard. Everyone did a lot around the house to help their family and I thought that that was very important. They didn't have the best life but they still did everything they could to help out other people in their family. I got a strong sense of family coherence here just by the description of the home-house.

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