I think that the school bathroom policies should be changed. I think that instead of a escort needed to be called, I think we should just have a bathroom pass. The idea is that we(students) only get three bathroom pass per block. Then when all pass are used up in one block you have you take a test that can give you one extra credit point and gives you one more pass,this can only be done up to 3 times.


I also think that there should be security guards at the bathroom entrance just in case something does happen. I think that this will decrease the amount of bathroom uses in every block. I also think that this will increase the learning time by student not using the bathroom every block. But I also have some concerns like student lying about how many passes they have.I also think that this might be misused by student to skip or kill time in class,So i think that they can only have 5 minutes to use the bathroom and if they haven't returned then security will be sent to see the problem.


I think that my idea of the new policies will work. I think that this will be positive on the students, it will make them learn more and not waste their precious learning time. I also think that this will not waste time for the security and escorts time to do something more important. But at the end i think that this will really work and the student will agree with this policies and so will the teachers. So that is all that i wanted to share with my new policies idea. Hope you guys and girls agree with me. Thank you for reading.

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