Samantha Gomez BIM

January 11th

What dream can you conceive? Can you believe it? Can you achieve it? My dream is to go to college and study psychology, i believe i can do it but its gonna takes some hard work in high school. If i want to become a Psychiatrist that's gonna take about 10-12 years and I'm not so sure i want to be in school that long. I know also that i can achieve it , but I'm gonna have to work to achieve my goals. My priority right now is just to bring my rank and gpa up and start studying for my sat on KHAN academy.

Essential questions: The outline view is different because it just shows and outline of the titles and text of each slide in the presentation and the slide view is ashows the current slide as it will show in your slide show. Theres a next slide button that you can use during a slide show and then you have animations and transititons.

January 13th:" Since we have a three day weekend i plan to stay in my house the whole weekend . On Saturday I'm probably gonna sleep in until 11 and then practice my music in orchestra i have a solo that i have to perform next Saturday and I haven't even looked at it nor practiced it. I also have about 2-3 pieces to practice for string U.I.L, and i also have symphony music to practice which I haven't looked at both of those either. I've honestly been winging it in rehearsal and in class. So i probably have about 6 hours to practice this weekend. On Sunday I'm probably gonna go to church and then go home and probably work on my homework that is due in algebra next Friday. On Monday ill probably practice again do my homework and then ill watch T.V.

January 18:Essential question: The difference between an animation and transition is an animation is within the slide not between slides like a transititon. Speaker notes are useful because you can put all the details that you want to say instead of putting all of it on the slide. How do you decide if you like someone? Howe do you show interest in them? I genrally like every one no matter what it does'nt matter on who they are what they do . But i do know when i dislike someone its usually because they've done something wrong to me. I Show interest in the people i like by giving them complements or smiling at them. And generally just making them feel like they're improtant to me

January 20th : Essential question: what is the difference between an animation and transition? what is meant by progressive disclosure? Why are speaker notes useful? The difference between animation and transition is animation is during the slide and transition is the transition between different slides . Speaker notes are useful because you can type what you want to say and not put it all on the same slide. I've passed kindness by driving around Austin and giving whatever i have to a homeless man also on the 29th of this month i am going to a nursing home and play my violin for them.

January 25th My biggest fan is my aunt she always supports me even when i make mistakes and accepts me for who i am she always motivates me to do better and she also is patient with me and shows me how to do things i will forever be grateful for her presence her support and of course, her love.

January 26 I have a lot of things that i love about myself ( I don't want to sound conceded) But One of the main things i love about myself is that I have a big heart, I forgive everyone and i have love for everyone , not that I'm in love with them i am just patient and kind and i care for everyone. I also love that i strive to be a better person everyday, i get in alot of arguments with my family and while they yell at me i am persistently patient and kind with them even though they are being ridiculous .I Love that i am able to love myself because i value that i love myself, because i could'nt love my self how would i be able to love anybody else the right way? Im not sure what people love about me, however i hope they love all the same things that i love about myself and i hope that they love things about themselves before they love me. And i hope if you red this Mrs. matlock that you love yourself and value yourself because you're awesome.

January 30 One of my senses that is most important to me is my hearing, iu want to be able to hear everyone and make sure that they are heard. If they are expressing their fellings to me i want to make them feel like they are heard and understood. If i didnt have it i would value my eyes and be able to observe and take note of everything i see.

February 1st I see myself as a strong and beautiful young woman . I see myself as a very patient and compliant person. I also see myself as a good person in general. I'm not sure what others see in me but i do hope that they see the same. I know that some people see me as a patient and kind person and sometimes fun.

February 3 I treat people as they ought ot be which means treat them to the highest extent as if they were doing well

February 6th: I was taught to tell the truth by having integrity with my self, bible lessons and Consequences for lying. I feel guilty when i dont tell the truth , so i usually restore integrity with whoever i was dishonest with.

February 8th: Yes my parents have separated me from friends, my mom did not allow me to speak to my friend Ciera, instead i disobeyed them and still talked to her because that's my best friend, and they got furious when they found out and now they allow me to be friends with her because they know that they cant control who i'm friends with. :)))

February 13: the best advice i've ever recieved is to turn to the word of god for everyhthing

February 15th: I haven't really done a lot of stupid things but I often have blonde moments. To name a couple, I was at the dinner table with my family we were eating pork chops, mashed potatoes and carrots, With this type of meal i really enjoy drinking milk ; so i just finished drinking my milk and I told my mom " you know its kinda weird that we drink cows pee all the time like that's so weird" And my mom looks at me and says "oh my goodness are you serious right now?" and i said "yeah ?" She said "Samantha milk comes from the utters which are basically the breast milk of cows." And that's when i realized Milk was definitely not cows pee. So for the longest time i really believed that milk was cows pee and I always thought like wow that must suck being a cow owner because your'e responsible for when they pee. And i found this out last year. Also this year i realized that Paris was definitely not a part of London. I realized this like 2 weeks ago when i was in my US history class and he had a map up that showed that London was apart of the UK not Paris.

February 17th: I really like my hair , i dont know why its just so cool and curly i love it

february 24 Yeah ive left someone behind and i was doing great and still am

February 27 : The most frightening thing that happened to me was when i got sexuallly abused by my uncle, I learned to live through it by going to counseling and seeking advice from others

March 6: The best thing I've seen teenagers do lately is be there for one another as an example when my friend kille dhim self people started posting that they have an open ear for anyone who needs to vent

March 10 My plans for spring break is to just eat and watcvh netflix all day

March 20 I didnt do much over the spring break

April 5

Im bankrupt , -1000

Im not as sucessful as id like to be so i cant really answer this question

I can make less diffucluty for my self

I dont pretend to be anybody or at i do have unspoken words and i dont say what i really want to say sometimes.

Whatr makes me unique is that no one is me, no one has the same mind as me or expiriences as me because im me.

April 24: Yes i have many "barnacles" i could get rid of them by keeping a positive attitude

April 26: Yes ive had many expieriences that have shaped me as a person

MAy 12 when you have issues with your family

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