Nowadays it´more useful for companies to have an account in social networks due to our technological society everybody participates in social networks so that is the best way to let people know about them.

To leader this type os strategy it´s important to set which clients do we want to focus on:

  • Direct target
  • Indirect target

Companies increasingly inclined towards a direct target, that is, they target customers directly (marketing one to one).

An example of this is when you are browsing Facebook and appears on the screen advertising directed especially to us due to the use of cookies pages.

To follow this strategy companies based on their social media must set:

  • Their goals
  • Their customers
  • Their type of competition

The company to which we address, Nicoli, is a clothes brand for children and teenagers. When addressing teenagers, who are the leaders of the co-called technological revolution, it´s necessary that this brand is present in social networks and that can be echoed through them.

The e-comers strategy (business to consumer) is developed by nicoli above all the social network instagram. This way, Nicole let it´s clients now about the news, variations in the catalog, events, schedules...

They make this posting photos of models with their clothes, also they post street styles of people who label the company account.

After an analysis of the current and potential market and the company we have reached the conclusion that in order to achieve greater dissemination it should carry out certain strategies based on the current scope of social networks.

Goal list:

  • Greater difussion
  • Be known not only in cities that have a physical store
  • To make Nicoli a seated brand

However, we are aware that to achieve these objectives can only be achieved after a segmentation of our customers. Be clear that the brand as aimed at specific customers with a niche market between 0 and 20 years.


ONLINE COMMUNITY: The feedback that a company receives from its costumers is what most can help to improve or reinforce services, products, points of sale.. Our proposal would be to periodically send a short questionnaire to costumers, with a series of questions so that they feel part of the brand, because Nícoli is taking into account their opinion and with this the brand could present a substantial improvement.

MASHUP: The strategy would allow Nicoli to connect with another internet service. We think that the most useful thing would be to keep Google maps and the brand´s website connected so that when consumers or people who heard about the brand look for their location, they have the possibility of directly accessing what Nicoli offers, so if they are attracted they will have more interested and will visit the physical store

VIDEO SHARING: Nicoli could attract a large number of clients using this strategy because, although has focused heavily on instagram and has offered much publicity through this social network, has neglected many others such as Facebook, in which could publish videos of their new models of clothing, sales promotions, news...

After analyzing the objectives of the brand and what are the most appropriate strategies to achieve them, we believe that for NICOLI it could be really beneficial to follow these proposals and take advantage of the technological world in which we inevitably find ourselves. Social networks if used correctly can be the most useful tool to help the diffusion of companies and above all to improve and make more direct and close the relationship with customers.



  • Lucía Cuadrupani Cristiá
  • Marta Gutiérrez Huesca
  • María Boado Pérez-Sierra


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