Khangai Conifer Forest Mongolia

Climate of the forest in Mongolia

Min rainfall: 1 mm Max rainfall: 76 mm Avg: 8.226 mm Min temp:-33.6 Max temp:64.4 Avg temp.:50.15. The wet season tends to be during may June and July. Whereas the dry season is the rest of the year.

We don't have a very large growing season which has evolved us to take very little water and resistant to cold. This also means we are not very diverse place in the world, and have little productivity.

Soil Quality

Our soil is very similar to those of a temperate forest. Their is 12 different types of soil. alfisols, gelisols, histosols, andisols, inceptisols, entisols, aridisols, mollisols, vertisols, oxisols, spodosols and ultisols. The conifers is found to be Alfisols. This type of soil is tend to be found in areas where dead or decayed leaves fall onto the ground and the soil takes the enriched nutrients and absorbs it. Conifers tend to dominate these regions.

Invasive Species


The Scolytus morawitzi is a invasive species that eats the bark off of the wood and leaves the tree to die.
The soybean cyst nematode is a leech type creature, and will live and reproduce off of its host, the host being some type of plant. It was originally found in the US

Endangered Species

The snow leopard is a endangered species found in the mountains of Khangai. They are endangered because humans want their beautiful warm fur.
The Altai Snowcock is an endangered species because of pouching and over hunting of food.

Animals of Khangai

Plants of Khangai

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