How to install and use Print Deploy (PC)

Installing the Print Deploy Client

Step One) Click this link or navigate to https://aub.ie/windp to get to the Print Deploy Client download site.

Step Two) Site will automatically choose your default OS, if you need to download the client for a different OS, use the links at the bottom of the page. For this tutorial we will focus on PC.

Step Three) Choose Download and Run the Installer.

Step Four) After installation you will be prompted to sign in with your AU Credentials. (note: you do not need to include @auburn.edu)

Step Five) After you sign in you will be prompted to add printers (“we can’t find any printers for you”)

Step Six) On the left side of the client panel choose “Add Printers

Step Seven) You will be presented with a list of printers that you have access to. From the list, choose the printer you would like to install. Please note the naming convention is Building > RoomNumber > Type. For example DY204Ricoh is for a printer in Dudley Hall (DY), Room 204, and is a Ricoh Printer.

Step Eight) Choose Install on the printer you would like to install locally.

Step Nine) The printer selected will automatically be installed. After installation is complete you can navigate to Start > Settings > Devices > Printers & Scanners to ensure your printer is in the list.

Repeat the installation process on any additional printers you would like to add.


1. Remember you will still need to use PaperCut to release your prints


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