Best Gifts Under $20 at Herbivoreclothing.com.

On a budget? Lots of people to shop for? Enjoy physical objects under 8 square inches? We've put together a list of really cool gifts that will help you stretch those holiday buys. Here are our faves.

BIG WHITE YETI CANDLES: Everybody loves these candles and with 22 different scents to choose from, it's no wonder. They burn clean for 25 to 30 hours, there are no chemicals, and are hand-poured in Milwaukee, WI. Collect em all?

PERENNIAL SOAPS: We adore these soaps! What's not to love? There are 26 scents, they are handmade by a woman-owned, vegan company in the US, and they are palm oil free. Good luck choosing, we can never decide which one to take home!

HERBIVORE CIRCLE LOGO CHICO BAG: These bags! My word do we love these! It's all stuffed inside the little bag, and when you pull it out you've got a great shopping bag, book bag, pick up driftwood on the beach bag, or whatever you need. Has a little carabiner clip so you can attach it to anything you want to keep it handy and not forget it at home.

ENAMEL PINS: We picked a few of our favorite designs and had them cast as super hip enamel pins. So cute on a jacket or bag! Remember they came from Herbivore because you will definitely get some "OH MY GOD WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE?!!" comments.

HERBIVORE 1 INCH MAGNET SET: We noticed people never buy just one of our 1 inch magnets so Deanna made them into sets. Pictured below is the animal set. We also have Veg World and Vegan Foodie sets. Make sure you are hug ready when you present this to whomever you bought if for because they will throw their arms around you and possibly make a high pitched sound.

SOCKS!: Socks are one of our most popular holiday gift purchases. Every. Damn. Year. And we love it! That may explain why we have around 50 different sock designs on our site. Got a friend who loves pooping unicorns? We've got you covered. Got a friend who wants pizza socks? Got you covered. Raccoon hanging out in a trashcan eating a donut? OF COURSE WE HAVE THAT!

PERENNIAL LIP BALMS: Look closely. Yes, the one in the middle is pancake flavor. Yes, it tastes like and makes the whole room smell like pancakes. It's our daughter's favorite and she wears it all the time. So much so that we have taken to calling her Pancake. Nobody minds this at all. The rest of them are just as stunning!

VEGAN FOR THE ANIMALS ART: Our pal Kenn Twofour makes these 6 inch wood art pieces by hand. He cuts, stains and screen prints the wood in his art studio here in Portland. We adore them! You can hang them on the wall, but they are thick enough to stand up on their own. Ours is on a window ledge.

GIVE A DAMN STICKER/BUTTON BUNDLE: Much like our magnets, we noticed most folks don't buy just one sticker or button. So we bundled our favorites together and lowered the price a bit for those of you who can't get enough flair. These sets come with 5 stickers and 5 buttons. We have several themed sets, check them out!

NECKLACES BY MISHAKAUDI: We have been selling Mishakaudi jewelry for years and they always bring a smile to people's faces. These lovely necklaces are made by a woman-owned, vegan-owned company. We have over 30 other styles on our site, check them out!

ELLA + MILA NAIL POLISH: We stock over a dozen delightful colors of these polishes. They are vegan, never tested on animals, and proudly made in the USA. Good luck picking a favorite!

HERBIVORE PATCHES: Sew or iron these onto your favorite jeans jacket, tote bag, backpack, hat, etc. to instantly customize. We picked some of our favorite designs to make patches of, but we love them so much we really want to make everything into a patch.

HERBIVORE TOTE BAGS: We have been making our totes with a woman-owned factory here in the US for a dozen years. The quality is absolutely tops. Many customers are still using bags they got from us when we first started making them. They are strong, stylish, and ethical!

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