Galapagos penguin The greAtest endangered species ever

By Ryan Dunn

Habitat: The Galápagos penguin is located in tropical climates and is the only penguin that lives on the equator also the penguin lives near beaches.
Physical features:One of the physical features of the Galápagos penguins is that the average height is 53 centimeters and they are 4-6 pounds in weight.
Social habits:The Galápagos penguins communicate with different calls and body movements like wing flapping.
Population:The population of The Galápagos penguins is 1,200.
Threatens to its existence:One reason these penguins are dead is because of lack of food also because oh humans ,they are destroying there nests and habitats.
Some ways we could fix the fact these beautiful animals are close to extinction by not destroying their nests and habitats.

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