Common Exhibit for Outcome #6 Values-Based Goal Setting

Sorting the value cards into the categories of Very Important, Important, and Not Important proved to be a little more difficult than I had anticipated. I had trouble discerning Important and Very Important. Something else I struggled with during the activity was whether I wanted to sort them based on what I believe or based on how I behaved. I've noticed that beliefs and behaviors do not always fall in line with each other; not for me at least.
Eliminating values from each category and then ranking them from top to bottom was a challenge for me. Surprisingly, deciding what was least important to me was even hard because I had to figure out what things I really, truly didn't care about, especially given that I feel like I'm supposed to care about the majority of them.
When it came to picking my top values for each category, I actually ended up switching around my original top ten and top five. When I was limited to only one value, the most important ones to me changed. For the Not Important to Me column, risk is what I put at the top. That was not difficult for me because I generally like to stay as far away from risk as possible. Change in my routine and my life does not sit well with me, despite it's inevitability. In the Important column, forgiveness is the value that landed the top position. Personally, I am a believer in second chances. I think that people CAN change and if they are serious, they deserve that forgiveness. On a separate chain of thought, I believe that forgiveness is not about the other person, it is about you and what you are holding in your heart. Are you capable of letting go and can you forgive yourself for the same things that you forgive others for? As for the Very Important column, family is definitely at the top. I've always known that my relationships with other people was at the top of my list of priorities. It is interesting to think about because when I look at my mom, I can tell just by the way that she lives, that security is her top value. I see no fault in that, as I place high value on security as well. But personally, I feel lost without family and ultimately it is the most important thing to me.


I have always known that family was more important to me than anything else so it isn't really surprising that both my short-term and long-term goals include strengthening different aspects of of my family. Also high on my list of values are safety, stability, and comfort. This, to me, includes financial security and a steady income. In order for me to meet those goals long-term, I need to make sure that I am meeting shorter-term goals such as finishing school and getting a job.


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