Teen Suicide By Jacob goodwin

Teen suicide is the third leading cause of death for adolescents and young adults.

Young males are much more likely to commit suicide than their female peers.

Female adolescents are more likely to attempt suicide than their male peers.

Some of the risk factors for teen suicide are:

History of previous suicide attempts

Family history of suicide

History of depression, anxiety, or other mental illness

Alcohol or drug abuse

Stressful life events or losses

Easy access to lethal methods

Exposure to the suicidal behavior of others

A teen drowning herself underwater. An example of Teen Suicide.

In summary:

Teen suicide is a significant problem in our culture.

There are effective means to preventing it.

What You Can Do:

f an adolescent says "I want to kill myself" or "I'm going to commit suicide," always take the statement seriously and immediately seek assistance from a qualified mental health professional.

Find out if the teen has suicide thoughts, or plan, and means and if so, what it entails.

The more specific the plan, the higher the degree of risk for the teenager. Take it seriously and seek help.

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