Propaganda just4cooper By Jordan ivey and DAVIDE VALENTI


The Cold War was an incredible display of power between America and Russia. Both countries wants to be more powerful and more advanced than the other. Examples of the power struggle between America and Russia include: the race to create and drop the atomic bomb, the race to arms, the space race, etc. Power was a huge theme during the Cold War because both countries thought if they were first or had the most weapons or were the first to space than they would win the war. This is why my propaganda shows the race to create the atomic bomb and how America will win because they were first to create and drop the A-bomb. The images and phases I used represent the power struggle. The picture of the Enola Gay is a Boeing's B-29 Superfortress plane which was used to successfully drop fat boy and little man (two A-bombs). The phrase "WE ARE FIRST AND FIRST WILL WIN!" represents the race to create and drop the first A-bomb. The power struggle during the Cold War taught me about the terrible relations between America and Russia.




Created with images by Pexels - "beach beach ruins blue"

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