The Best of Me Nicholas sparks


  • Weariness- worn out and tired from work.
  • Grief- sadness due to loss.
  • Untamed- out of order and not together.
  • Draped- to hang with cloth.
  • Kudzu- weed that grows quickly.

Genre and Setting:

"The Best of Me" is an exciting romance novel written by best-selling author Nicholas Sparks. The setting of the story is in Oriental, North Carolina which is the hometown of the two main characters.


Nicholas Sparks is an author who is mostly famous for his best-selling novel "The Notebook" which was later turned into a movie like many of his novels. He is known for his amazing romance-drama novels that became quickly famous across the globe. Sparks has also been very involved in the production of the films made out of his books by serving as producer of many of the movies.

Plot Summary:

"The Best of Me" tells the exciting story of Amanda and Dawson a high school couple that broke up and went their separate ways. When a friend of theirs passes away they are reunited, but Amanda is married. Will they get back together?

Main Characters:

Amanda: A pretty, brown haired girl who is an independent and believes if you have a dream you can reach it. Amanda is very kind but will take charge when she needs to.

Dawson: A poor boy whose father beats him. He is very insecure about his abilities and is a hard worker.

Tuck Hostetler: An old, caring man who takes in Dawson because he doesn't have anywhere else to escape his abusive father.

Theme: The theme of "The Best of Me" is that soul mates will always end up together in the end.

Main Conflict:

The main conflict in the book is that Amanda and Dawson can't be together because Dawson gets put into jail for accidentally shooting his cousin while he is fighting with his dad. Amanda tries to go visit Dawson but he pushes her away because he is going to be in jail for a long time and thinks she deserves better.

To solve the conflict Amanda and Dawson break up and go their seperate ways. Later in life they reunite and realize their spark is still there. Amanda and Dawson realize they still love each other. In the end, Dawson gets shot by his angry, abusive father and dies. Amanda gets a call telling her that her son is in desperate need of a heart transplant. A year later Amanda is informed by her son that the name of the heart donor was revealed, it was Dawson's heart.


"I never wanted it to end" page 121 This quote proves that Amanda always wanted to be with Dawson and this is an important concept in the book.

"I love you,too" pg. 121 This is the last sentence of the entire book and though it may seem unimportant it is really another sign that Amanda truly loves Dawson even after his death.

Book Evaluation:

I ,personally, enjoyed reading this novel. It was very exciting and interesting and successfully held my attention. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance or drama. If I had to choose three words to describe this book they would be love, destiny, and soul mates. I would chose these words because Amanda and Dawson were destined to be together and they would somehow find each other again.

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