John Bates by Aurora Livingston

John "Bummpa" Bates was born in Milton, Massachusetts, April 21, 1919 the youngest of three brothers.
He was a Petty Officer in the Navy in WWII for two years.
He married Margaret Mary Long September 7, 1941, they had four children together, Bill, Jack, Suzanne, and Paul. They lived on Cape Cod Massachusetts for a very long time, raising their family, he enjoyed fishing, boating and golf.
In 1988 at the age of 69, he began showing signs of dementia/Alzheimer's, or the slowly degeneration of the brain in an extended period of time.
Demensia has these following symptoms; aggression, agitation, difficulty with self care, irritability, meaningless repetition of own words, personality changes, lack of restraint, or wandering and getting lost.
The early signs he began misuse words, become more controlling with his wife, lose interest in his once profound hobbies and having angry outbursts before he was sent to specialist to see what was going on.
He was soon placed on medication for his memory along with day care to occupy himself and to relieve his wife of the stress he was causing her, as time progressed he began sleep during the day, be awake during the night, become increasingly violent, wandering around the town and occasionally would go into car dealerships and try to purchase a car. Eventually he was placed into home after becoming too violent and wasn't able to be taken care of by his spouse.
After two years of being placed in a nursing home for two years he sadly passed away of pneumonia, March 28, 1998. He wasn't able to speak due to several health issues but was still capable of remembering people. After he passed away an autopsy was done to his brain which showed significant and severe signs of dementia.

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