Bambino App Looks to Transform the World of Babysitting By maddie phelps and chelsea fox

Babysitters who are eagerly searching for their next job or busy parents who simply need a break from their hectic lives at home are in luck as a new app hits the app store. Bambino, a company founded and run by moms and dads who understand the struggle of finding last-minute sitters, created the app in hopes of bringing stability back to parents’ lives.

With a simple download of the free app on their smartphones, parents can efficiently find reliable babysitters in their neighborhood while babysitters can effortlessly select a family they want to sit for.

Sara Snow, the Chief Marketing Officer for Bambino and a Westport mom, expressed her support and appreciation for the app and its efficient ways to find a babysitter for her two children. “The app is an awesome new way to connect parents to neighborhood babysitters,” Snow said, “Sitters love it because it’s so easy to use, and they find themselves babysitting for all sorts of neighborhood Westport families who they didn’t know before.”

Sara Snow, Chief Marketing Officer of Bambino, a Westport resident and a mother

The app’s features allow parents to find the perfect babysitter and allow sitters to choose what kind of family is right for them upon signing up. “Parents will enter details about how many kids they have, how old they are, and a few other details like that,” Snow explained, “Sitters will tell how old they are, where they go to school … whether or not they can drive a car, and whether they are first aid certified.”

Once the basic steps are completed, parents are able to see all the available babysitters nearby and can select one they’re interested in based on their personal preferences. The parent can then choose the babysitter they want and will have access to their phone number in order to contact the sitter directly.

A video with Sara Snow on the Bambino website; just one of many inviting aspects of the site that promotes great babysitting.

Parker Cuthbertson ’19 has discovered Bambino and uses it to easily find families to sit for. “I especially love how it makes it much more likely that you will be able to find kids that will suit the level of babysitting you are at,” Cuthbertson said, “Most babysitters have been in a situation where their parent sets up an appointment for them and there are too many kids, they are too close to your age or something goes wrong. This app makes that situation much less likely.”

Local babysitters aren’t the only ones impressed with Bambino’s modernized approach on babysitting. Parents like Snow are equally satisfied with their experience with the app and praise it for its simple way to get some time away from home. “This babysitting app is a life changer,” an anonymous Westport parent recently said, “I love it. Just shared it with five people and will send out more later.”

One section of the Bambino website that welcomes babysitters and parents with tips on smart babysitting habits.

Since the app makes access to babysitters so quickly, a natural concern from any parent is their children’s safety. Subsequently, Bambino’s team of parents make certain that all babysitters are trustworthy when signing up.

Bambino requires a recommendation letter from one prior employer for all sitters. According to the Bambino website, “a third-party background checking service verifies their identity, checks them against the Sex Offender Registry and Global Watchlist and checks them against national and county criminal records.” With these additional steps that sitters must take to use the app, parents can feel comfortable and reliant on Bambino to save the day when life at home gets chaotic.

The Bambino website provides parents with help on how to use the app and additional tips with videos and articles.

As the creation of Bambino aimed to revolutionize the process of finding a sitter, both parents and babysitters alike have been pleased with their results so far. Cuthbertson said, “I just used the app the other day and got to sit for a family that I probably wouldn’t have met in real life but had a really great time and the kids were so sweet.”

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