Tips to Make sure you Have Secure passwords and Maintaining Privacy BY: Cameron Curry

Tips to Have a Secure Password

A couple of tips to make sure you have a secure password is to never give your password to anyone. If you give your password to even your best friend you might not be friends anymore in a couple of years, so never give your passwords to your best friends. If you were going to give your password to anyone you should give it to a family member and that is it. Don't only use one password. I would use more than one password. Create passwords that are simple to you but are hard for others. Make passwords as long as you can remember. If the password you are using is protecting something very important then I would change your password quite often. I would also get trust worthy software hat check to make sure your passwords are secure.

Make Sure You are Careful When Typing In your Password

When you are typing in your password make sure somebody isn't looking over your shoulder when you are typing or drawing it. If you look over your shoulder and you see somebody watching you type in your password I would walk away into a corner and come back or just cover up so they can't see you type it in. I would also be careful if you leave your phone sit at where you are sitting at that 1. it doesn't get stolen and 2. if you leave it on then somebody could just look through your phone and find information about you. If you leave your phone where you are sitting at I wouldn't do that but, if you did I would turn it off and flip it over. I would want to make sure you are done with a computer that you log off the computer when your done.

Maintaining Privacy Online

Never fill out the whole social media profile. You can fill out some of it but the only people that need to know your birthday, phone number, and email address all ready have them.


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