Feminism By seth lindsey


The advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes.

Many women believe that men and women should have equal rights. This is the main reason why feminist exists in the first place. A lot of women believe that they are held back and want to get rid of the wage gap and other issues.

Feminist goal

The main accomplishment that women want is equal rights, but how are they trying to achieve that? They way they get their word out into the public is by protesting and social media. They want to convince us that they are in the right and want change.

Main arguments

What are the main claims that they make to get us to believe that they are right? Well one thing is they believe that the wage gap is false. They believe that for every dollar the man makes they make less, This is what they believe. Another thing that they believe is that it is not fair for a women to stay at home while a man goes to work.


Overall feminism is what some women believe to be true and this is an arguable subject, some would and agree others would disagree.

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