women Paola Mejia, Demetrius Toney, Joseph Crenshaw

Personal rights that have everything to do with equality and social freedom like the right to practicing religion is a form of a civil liberty.

For example, African- Americans are individuals that are treated less by society because they are dealt with discrimination because of the color of their skin, but aren't they suppose to have civil liberties just like everybody else?

Civil Liberties is God given, nobody has to earn the right to be equal, everybody should be treated the same regardless of race, religion, and sex

The problems that women have faced is with their family life, in religion, in government, in employment, and in education.

Yet it's been 169 years since Women's Rights Movement started in July 13, 1848 and many laws have changed throughout.

This video is significant because it's very inspiring. These girls talking about stereotypes like girls being "weak" or not "smart enough" but they know they are capable of being strong and intelligent because they are unstoppable.

It's very important to consider that these girls are the future.
In this photo it shows a man receiving good pay.
In this photo it shows a woman receiving her pay but it’s way less hence it being a rock.
Man and Woman standing together as equals and getting paid the same.

Civil Rights for women that are still being fought for are reproductive rights, gender wage gap, and paid maternity leave.

"Equality of Rights Under the Law"

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