Agriculture By: Abby Matzke hour: 4

The first agricultural revolution was when people hunted to farming and domesticating animals and plants. A result of the warming period directly after the ice age the first recorded first agricultural revolution was the Fertile Crescent in the middle east.

The second agricultural revolution generally was said to have occurred along with the Industrial Revolution and helped it happen.

The Third agricultural revolution is when more intensive mechanization; biotechnology. Mechanization began replacing animal and human labor.

Gmos (genetically modified organisms) is the result of a scientist adding chemicals to plants or animals to make them grow faster and bigger. these chemicals come from bacteria, viruses, insects, animals or even humans.

Subsistence is self- suff, sustainable farming is the production of food such as animal or plant products using framing.



Created with images by Monoar - "sunflower flower nature" • USDAgov - "k7219-1" • jurvetson - "Disrupting Unemployment just came out. Here is what Mo & I wrote for Ch. 5" • Hamed Saber - "The Nomads' Simple Life" • artursfoto - "modified tomato genetically"

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