Faith in the Primary? Theology on Tap with the Rev. Mike Angell

It is often taken for granted that the Republican Party is the "religious party."

The front runners of the Democratic party often speak about religious bigotry.

Bernie Sanders talks about his religious heritage and Trump 2:35

The Rev. Dr. William Barber is making a case for a moral revolution, and a poor people's campaign.

William Barber sits down with Bernie Sanders on Ash Wednesday 2:06

Pete Buttigieg was an unlikely voice for the "religious left" as a openly gay candidate.

Pete Buttigieg on climate change: full clip

Corey Booker also made an interesting case.

Corey Booker on Colbert 2:35

Elizabeth Warren is comfortable in her faith, and drives a pretty common point for Dems (religion is personal)

Elizabeth Warren at CNN town hall, Equality town hall, full clip.

For Joe Biden, faith is personal.

Biden Campaign Video: whole video

For Biden it is also about his relationships with Black Church leaders.

Joe Biden at the 50th anniversary event at the 16th St. Baptist Church in Birmingham. 0:31

Another way of understanding faith and politics is possible:

Full Clip of Stacy Abrahams video.

Jack Jenkins Religion News Service, Author of the book, "American Prophets" out in April. 28:31