Promoting Healthy Nutrition and Controlling Childhood Obesity By Basem Saqur


The children in the developed nations have epidemic levels of obesity. Obesity and overweight children are at increased risk of suffering from abnormal glucose tolerance, heart disease and asthma. Numerous causes of obesity are highlighted in various research studies. However, obesity mainly occurs when the energy expenditure of an individual is lower than his total food intake.
Today parents are less conscious about the eating habits of their kids as both of them are simultaneously managing home and job together. Parents find it easy to let their kid eat burgers and pizzas than to make them meals three times a day at home (Dehghan, Akhtar-Danesh, & Merchant, 2005)


Obesity mainly occurs when the energy expenditure of an individual is lower than his total food intake. A vast majority of obesity cases in children are preventable and can be reversed through the positive and supportive role of parents. (Cdc 2017)

There are different reasons of an imbalanced proportion of energy intake and expenditure. Thus it requires a number to interventions combined to solve the problem. The main causes of obesity in children include less home eating and consuming more junk food (, 2017).

Media resources available

People excessively use social media while at home, office or in general public (Korda & Itani, 2013). With the advancement of science and technology, most of the information regarding health and dietary topics is widely available on the internet, Facebook, Twitter, different nutrition blogs and websites (Chou et al 2009).
The best source for obtaining a credible nutrition and food information is “The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.” The academy of this resource is 24/7 available to help people locate useful information and to guide them through important nutritional topics. Some of the important topics that are covered by them include useful information on reducing childhood obesity, expert advice on maintaining and achieving healthy body weight and prevention from chronic diseases through right nutrition intake (Eatrightpro 2017).

The website also provides informational videos that discuss and highlight all the important aspects of dietetics profession. Further, the website also offers a searchable database for the general public to easily find a registered dietitian nutritionist (Eatrightpro 2017).

Role of media in disseminating nutritional information

It’s known that easy access to reliable and science-based information significantly helps us in improving our lifestyle. However, believing every information present on social media blogs and websites is not wise. These websites can be misleading and inaccurate (Tremblay et al., 2011).

Today people work like robots and get no time for physical exercise and sports. Children spend most of their time watching TV and playing computer games (Tremblay et al., 2011). Keeping track of your health along with the health of your family is essential to lead a happy life.
A calorie counter community-based app named as “MyFitness Pal” that helps in keeping track of the consumed foods and physical exercise done throughout the day. The application has a scanning option to enter the foods consumed throughout the day by barcode. The RD from Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics have reviewed the app and rated it with 4.5 stars
In addition to this, “MyNetDiary” is an interesting app which is commonly used by people for keeping track of their nutrition intake. also exist apps that do not take much time of an individual to enter all the information about his dietary consumption throughout the day. Instead, it regularly offers the user a healthy eating tip every day. These tips are provided by the nutrition experts, and thus the app is highly credible and reliable.
“Lose it!” also is a very useful app with a vast database that helps keep track of daily diet. Furthermore, different other social media channels help in increasing awareness among people (loseit n,d).

In conclusion, Obesity is a major epidemic that needs immediate attention and control. Parents have a vital role to play in the lives of their children so as to provide them a healthy future. Busy lives may not give us much time to access our eating habits. However, with advanced technology come different apps, social media websites and online information that can help us improve our eating habits and keep ourselves and our family healthy.

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