Winds By Jaylene mAta

Global winds are found everywhere but it is mostly found blowing towards mountains.

Global Convection Currents are where the sun shines through to warm the air and move fast.

The Coriolanus Effect is found all over the world. It begins when the hot wind goes cold at the top of mountains resulting in the wind falling to sea level.

Global Wind Belts are found all over the world as well. They will start out high in the sky then lower al the way down to the surface. They will be right at the clouds then come down pretty quickly.

Doldrums start at the poles and slowly works it's way down to the equator.

Horse Latitudes start out West the come down towards the equator.

Trade Winds are usually light and come from the suns heat.

Prevailing Westeralise run West by the equator. The come from other trade winds with fast speed.

Polar Easterlies are strong winds that come from the poles but move to the equator. When they reach the equator the wind finally gets warm.

Jet Streams Winds are probably the strongest winds and longest. The are formed from jets then they stay up it the sky.


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