Non-Fiction By: Weaver

Date/Time In Non-Fiction there is always going to be a date and time to show a real event that has happened before or is even still happening. or even who was doing something at that time.
Learning Something New with a Non-Fiction you can always learn something new for a example if you love reading a book on snakes you will learn about true things they do it and can give you a bunch of information on new things.
For reality i put waves because there are always brain waves working to make you ask your self questions. (When did this happen.( Why did it happen.) You probably ask your self all of these when you read a Non- Fiction.
This is the big example you see this is a real snake this is darling he is my pet. If you read a book about snakes it can help you take care of him. I would not know anything like how snakes shed or what they eat I would not have known any of that if i did not read a Non-Fiction book on him (I thought Winslow would love to see a picture of my darling pet.
What is Non-Fiction? Non-Fiction is something that is real and fiction is the opiset it dose not exist. Non-Fiction can give you information and thoughts storys like the twin towers are real and titanic is real but books like little red ridding hood is not. You have to see what is real and not.
This is a Non-Fiction book on Chameleons, it tells about what they eat, what temp there tanks have to be and what you need to do to learn more about them,
Reading the books on Chameleons I got to have my very own (rest in peace Frances jack).
There is so much you can learn about just by reading a Non-Fiction book. Not only they are helpful to read but they help in everyday life. I know if i did not read a non-fiction book i would not be so good with reptiles. :)

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