Hidden Gem of the Rose Theater by: Kami Upah

The Rose Theater is a popular place for young kids entertainment yet, they offer opportunities for kids, teens, and adults to perform.

pep talk

The Rose Brigade is a competition theater group ages 9-18. There are two different groups split up, junior and senior.

game time

Each year the group puts together a 15 minute long show, of a Broadway Junior production to compete at the Junior Theatre Festival in Atlanta, Georgia

all smiles

Currently the Rose Brigade is performing pre shows before the main stage shows at the theater. The pre shows are during the fall and during the spring

it’s showtime

The Rose Brigade started about 6 years ago. Over the years they have won numerous awards. They have even taken home top honors at the Junior Theatre Festival

sing your heart out

They aren’t just a group of kids that perform, they are like a family. The Senior Brigade which is ages 13-18 becomes very close from bonding, rehearsals, and spending time together.

curtain call

The Junior Brigade is ages 9-13, work very hard and usually win top honors and awards every time they go and compete.

warming up

Last weekend the Senior and Junior Brigade performed a show honoring Broadway. They performed a medley which inducluded many Broadway classics.

final pose

The Rose Brigade practices usually around 2-4 times a week. They start preparation for the upcoming season at the end of July and the season ends with a spring concert in May.

shine time

The Rose also offers a musical theater and dance department called Broadway at the Rose. Many kids on the Rose Brigade are triple threats and train through the program.

For more information about the Rose Brigade or Rose Theater, check out www.rosetheater.org

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