North and South Korea By: Alexis Konechney and Sophie Glazebrook

Located in Asia

It's taking place because North Korea wants South Korea to be communist so North Korea can be in complete control.

Current political geography: North Korea- Communist South Korea- Democratic

South Korea at Olympics
North Korean people

People involved: Russians, Americans, and Koreans

Religious ethnic group: South Korea- Sindo North Korea- Atheist

Korea is separated by the 38th parallel

Freedom, rights, and land is being fought over

This is affecting other countries because North Korea is threatening to start a nuclear war with US because there help South Korea

Political situation: North Korea wants to be in charge and have whole country be communist

Started when North Korea invaded South Korea on June 25th 1950

They both want to be part of different political party's

North Korean government want be in charge

Beginning it was war now it's more bias

US should be involved because North Korea is threatening to bomb them and to stop communism

US joined South Korea

US should try and stay out of it and have Korea figure it out themselves

This could be solved having them become one country

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