BC Utah symbols Blake

This is our state elk.
Our states logo is a beehive.
This flower is a sego lily.
This is the state Utah cherry.
A cutthroat is our state fish.
this is our ¨industry¨
¨Utah,this is the place¨ is our nation song.
Topaz known as our state gem are really shiny and valuable.
Spanish onions are the states symbol of our food.
Quaking aspen are really tall and skinny there leafs are green for as long till fall.
This is our state flag of Utah.
allasourus are our state dino
The California seagull? is our state bird (Utah)
The reason this is our state mineral because we found it more than any other mineral in Utah.


Created with images by USFS Region 5 - "roosevelt-elk" • Pexels - "animal bee beehive" • marshamax - "2013-06-21 16.34.46" • ceiling - "Cherry" • BLMOregon - "Coho Spawning on the Salmon River" • Cassi G - "Industry" • ISchneider - "nature arches national park national park" • johnno49 - "gem blue topaz gemstone" • caligula1995 - "P5256193B onions 20130525" • ZionNPS - "Quaking Aspen" • Texas State Library and Archives Commission - "Seal of the United States on the Entry Doors to the Lorenzo de Zavala Building" • James St. John - "Nanotyrannus lancensis theropod dinosaur (Hell Creek Formation, Late Cretaceous; Carter County, southeastern Montana, USA) 1" • Ben124. - "Bird" • Agnali - "copper money container"

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