Germanium By Quinn

My element is Germanium. It was named after its discoverer (Clemens Winkler (above) his home country of Germany (hence the name "Germanium") I believe that is one of the more interesting elements in its own way because it is an element that is not heard of because for example I only heard of it when we were first assigned our projects but I have found it very interesting and I hope you do to.
32 protons and electrons and 41 nuetrons. Chemical symbol Ge. Four electrons in its valence shell. Its atomic mass is 72.63 and its and its atomic number is 32 nad it is a metaloid.
Used in most electrical wiring and computer screens
Invisible to infared radiation so it is used in new infared technology
Has been found in the atmosphere of other stars and planets
Beleived to be able to treat cancer
Clemens Winkler the discoverer of Germanium in 1886
Its melting point is 937 degrees Celcius
And a boiling point of 2,833 C
Now time for some fun facts: Germanium does not have its own ore, Mendeleev gussed of its existance when he made the periodic table, Clemens Winkler originaly wanted to name it after the planet Neptune, Germanium does not have its own ore finally it took over a year for clemens winkler to clasify germanium as a new element

Well I hope that you have enjoyed the presentation and learned a thing or two (maybe 5 things) and walk out this classroom all the smarter. Thank you for listening to me drone on for 5 mins and have a wonderful day.

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