Good Life Tour of the Harn Amanda Fernandes

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

The artwork that really captured my eye was called Zandvoort by Frank Stella. It was an abstract work of art that was displayed right when you walk in and attracted me like a magnet. I've always been a fan of abstract art but seeing this in person really helped me understand the three dimensional aspect and appreciate its intriguing qualities. The most striking thing was the mixture of colors and the interesting contortion of the shapes. It felt alive because I was right there to see it and inspect its every detail up close. It communicated to me feelings of adrenaline and adventure. I felt really curious and a surge of energy that pushed me through the rest of the tour. This piece by Stella is based on the city of Netherlands and the snake like features are related to the fast trace tracks and the colors are meant to represent the thrill of racing.

Design of the Museum

My favorite exhibit was the African themed wing. I found it appealing because of the way the different art was organized, it was easy to navigate through and also interesting to see. The lighting was also good as it chose to shine more light to the happier sculptures and dim the lights over things that looked more somber. The space was used nicely, I really enjoyed the actually art pieces themselves and how they were spaced out but also close enough to where you want to constantly jump to the next glass case because it catches your eye. The art was arranged in special cases because it included lots of masks that were kind of scary to be honest. Their culture is so different and vibrant and you can actually see it clearly in the exhibit and that is what i appreciate. This exhibit made me feel a little intimidated because everything was unusual and a little creepy but i actually enjoyed that the most.

Art and Core Values

One of my core values is my religion, I am Roman Catholic and I hold that strongly in my heart. The artwork that appealed to my core value is called (in English) Our Lady of Montserrat by Zoilo Cajigas. This artist carves wooden saints for personal devotion, which is really important in my religion. It is a revered image of the Virgin Mary and I can really appreciate it because she is seen as a very special person in Catholicism. She is the mother of Jesus is also seen as a saint that helps us get closer to our religion. Seeing this piece I felt really happy and made me feel like I was back at home with my quite religious family. I cherish my religion more than anything, it is one thing that I will never compromise. When I saw this piece of art it helped enforce my stronghold in my faith.

Art and the Good Life

A good life theme was really present in the piece "11-06-94" by Nancy Graves. I think it goes with the theme of celebrating the good life because it has multiple different elements to it. The variety of concepts include music, astronomy, botany, anatomy, and paleontology. Graves has an interest in all of these things so she combined them together to form an amazing abstract artwork about the different main things in life. It communicated the good life theme because the crab is supposed to represent the origin of earth and the human bone/teeth are supposed to add the aspect of death but it contrasts that with the colors and music notes which produce a happier feeling. It added to my application of the theme because from the second I laid eyes on it I knew that it portrayed celebrating the good in death and in life. It had the mix of different emotions that people feel when they are striving and achieving the good life and it was my favorite piece at the museum.

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